Training Leaders

Masango leads a team of four well trained and experienced facilitators. They train church and community leaders in conflict transformation, reconciliation, leadership and entrepreneurship aimed at overcoming poverty in the communities and country. Training target groups include denominational and interdenominational groups of leaders. Trained church leaders have gone on to invite the team to further train their churches, a testimony to the popularity and impact of the trainings.

Capacity Building

HPDZ builds the capacity of local churches and leaders to identify the cultural lies that have promoted the grip of poverty upon them and their communities. The leaders understand their role in the transformation of and ability of communities to move out of poverty through obedience to God’s truth and call to good stewardship of talents, time, resources and creation. In order for training to continue, trainers are capacitated to train others leading to a multiplier effect.

Monitoring & Evaluation

HPDZ monitors and evaluates the progress and impact of its activities and interventions in churches and communities. Trained groups are brought together to form social networks that share information for the benefit of all. These networks help in passing on information faster and to enable network members hold one another accountable. In addition, HPDZ team members undertake follow ups with trained leaders and groups to find whether they are putting knowledge gained into practice.


During a recent Pastors’ training session in Mutare at the American Corner 36 pastors participated. Towards the end of the daylong training, one of the Pastors stood up to testify of the goodness of both God and HPDZ training. He smiled, sang a local praise song, danced and was all smiles.

After the singing, he quietened everybody who had joined him in the jubilant singing. He said, “Before I met HPDZ I lived in abject poverty. As a family we hardly had enough food, clothes, and fees for our children. However, since we met HPDZ in 2012 our lives never remained the same. I gathered the courage to sell body lotions, then traditional drink ingredients, moving on to mosquito coils and now I have added ballpoint pens to the coils. I own a good space in town bulk at a wholesale price. I am not a burden to my church that is struggling and nothing stops me from preaching the gospel.” For this reason, he could not afford missing to attend this training in Mutare.

This is a pastor’s family transformed by HPDZ’s teachings to and are moving out of poverty.