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Holistic Peace & Development Zimbabwe


HPDZ welcomes Dr. Sylvanus Ayeni to our U.S. Board

Sylvanus was born and raised in Nigeria. He graduated from the College of Medicine, University of Lagos. After training general surgery in New York City, he specialized in neurosurgery at the University of Wisconsin Hospitals. He practiced as a neurosurgeon, in the private sector, as a civilian for the US Navy and also at Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha.

Sylvanus has participated in medical missions and been involved in development issues in Sub-Saharan Africa in the education and healthcare sectors for several decades. He is president and founder of Pan Africa Children Advocacy Watch Inc., a non-profit involved in education of children in Sub-Saharan Africa. ( He is the author of: RESCUE THYSELF: Change in Sub-Saharan Africa Must Come From Within. He is a well-respected speaker at meetings of national and international associations.

December 2021 News

News from Masango

Manicaland Province Peace Committee Update, Nyazura Church and community update and HPDZ Team update.

Manicaland Province Peace Committee

Zimbabwe has a National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC), a constitutionally created commission responsible for the promotion of peace and reconciliation in the country. It looks back at historical conflicts, their impacts, ways to promote community healing and suggesting ways for preventing recurring of the same. I am a member of the Manicaland Peace Committee representing the Evangelical Churches. As a committee, we could not meet face to face until November 2021 when we had a meeting in Mutare. If, while in the village, I see anything that has the potential of disturbing peace, I am required to report to the Provincial leadership. I also refer victims of violence to the Provincial leadership if there is need for investigation and trauma healing.

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Nyazura is between Harare and Mutare

Team work holds the key to successful implementation of projects and business ideas in Nyazura. Through the advice from the USA HPDZ Board, a resolution was reached to set up a three-member team in Zimbabwe to assist Masango in carrying forward the development vision. The team members are experienced professionals in their own fields. One of them (Mlambo) is a Water Engineer working with the Ministry of Water, the second one (Chimanyi) works with the Ministry of Agriculture as an Extension Officer, advising rural farmers in the best farming methods and finally (Dobiri), works at Mutare Polytechnic and Mutare/Nyazura Correctional centers. He heads the agricultural production and marketing departments of these institutions. These three have agreed to give impetus to the HPDZ development vision for community transformation through horticulture, beekeeping, fruit trees planting, piggery, poultry, fish farming among others. 

Peter Mlambo                                      Paradzai Chimanyi

Antony Dobiri                                       Evangelist Patson Tsatsa

Disciple Making

The 2019 HPDZ Strategic Plan, Masango’s assignment included the identification of potential disciples in Zimbabwe. It is an ongoing process. Four individuals have been identified so far. They are Moses Semwayo, Knowledge Kanda, Patson Tsatsa and Lloyd Chisese. They assist with training facilitation, participating in capacity building meetings with other ministries. Moses and Lloyd attended a training meeting at Africa University. It was about Conflict Mediation and Negotiation. Patson helps with development and pastoral services to the Mt. Hermon Community Church in Nyazura.​ 

New Water ​Source!

The borehole is now fixed and fresh water flows.

It is winter in southern Africa, a dry season. But fortunately we were able to drill a new borehole and the new pump finally arrived. Water is flowing in time to start irrigation for planting.

The long envisaged successful drilling of the borehole (the foundation of community development) has finally become a reality in Nyazura, Zimbabwe. Completing this joy was the ability to pump out thousands of liters of water daily from fifty meters deep. Deep gratitude to God and friends of HPDZ for your prayers and support.


Chicken Dreams - May 2021

Posted by kristywhite1221 on May 24, 2021 at 4:55 PM

Masango watches as his chickens feed. The dream is to have about 500 chickens by May 2022. This demonstration chicken project is sustainable, easier and cheaper to run for local farmers. Chickens are a good source of proteins and household income.


The Chicken Development Project

HPDZ intends to demonstrate to the Nyazura community that it is possible to raise local chickens at a larger scale because they require less money, consume food from locally grown grains and are resistant to common chicken diseases. The market for these so-called “Road-Runners” is readily available locally as both young chicks (2-3 months) as well as adults. The hens lay a maximum of 20 eggs before sitting on them for incubation, a process that takes three months. One hen can be allowed to have three hatchings before being released to return to egg laying three weeks later. Their main disadvantage is that they take 6 months to mature. This limitation can be overcome by the concept of “economies of scale.” The bigger the number of chickens the greater the returns. Masango is aiming at raising between 500-1000 chickens in twelve months from May 2021. In order to prevent diseases, the project will combine the use of traditional herbal and modern medicines. The target of the demonstration project are young people who are leaving the farming communities for urban areas in search of employment. Unfortunately, there are not many employment opportunities for these mostly unskilled young men and women.

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Reply Bob Osburn
2:21 PM on May 26, 2021 
A wonderful report. I am impressed with your thoughtful, analytical approach to what you are doing. It really is the kind of full-orbed community development that to some extent mimics the example of James Yen of China (1920s and 1930s). I'm sure all the members of Nyazura community are learning that there is no real gap between spiritual and physical concerns. They are all part and parcel of one another.
Reply Raibene
8:02 PM on June 3, 2021 
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