HPDZ Leaders

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Masongo Matmura

Masango started his education walking miles to school each date but became the first child from his village to go beyond high school. He went on to enroll at Daystar University in Kenya where he graduated with a double major in Biblical Studies and Community Development at the top of his class, a fete he repeated two years at The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Kenya where he studied Peace Studies and International Relations. In 2010 Masango received a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship award from the US State Department that saw him join the University of Minnesota Law School for professional and leadership development in Human Rights and Law. Masango distinguished himself as one of the highly disciplined and hardworking fellows that the Institute for International Education has ever had. Through the help and support of dear friends Masango set up a ground-breaking initiative to passionately an agent for transformation of Zimbabwe overcome and free itself from the cycle of poverty and violence through holistic Biblical teaching. Masango is also the planter and pastor of a fast-growing church in his local village.

Facilitators and Trainers in Zimbabwe


Patience Matimura

Patience Matimura holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Community Development from Daystar University, Nairobi Kenya. She is passionate about working with women and children’s. An experienced training facilitator in leadership, peacebuilding, development, counselling, and gender issues. Patience has experience teaching elementary school children in computers, mathematics, languages and writing.


Moses Semwayo

Moses is an experiences facilitator in peacebuilding, monitoring and evaluation, leadership, gender, development and community healing. He is the founding founder of a groundbreaking school of sowing that has transformed the economic status of hundreds of poor women in Mutare’s ZIMTA Park residential area through capacity building and skills development. Moses is a fashion designer with extensive experience. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, Post-graduate diploma in Peace, Leadership & Governance, a Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation. He is a USA State Government Young African Leadership Initiative Alumni.

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Knowledge Kanda

Knowledge holds a Diploma in Biblical Studies from Rusitu Bible College, an Advanced Certificate and a current degree student of Theology with a South African Theological Seminary. Knowledge is a local church pastor in Mutare city of Eastern Zimbabwe. He is passionate about children’s ministries and is a volunteer with the Windows of Hope’s Today-for-Tomorrow children’s ministry window that gives hope to children and aims at developing an Aids free generation in Zimbabwe and the entire African continent.

US Board of Directors


Phil Friesen

Phil Friesen is a life-long missionary with experience in Taiwan, Argentina, East Africa, and the Middle East, Philip has during the past 20 years devoted majority time in ministry with foreign scholars at the University of Minnesota. His greatest privilege during that time has been teaching Biblical content to atheists from China. He is a credential minister with the Central Plains Mennonite Conference, is married to Vu Thi Thien Kim Friesen, a foreign student from Vietnam when they met in 1972. In 2010 his book, The Old Testament Roots of Nonviolence was published by Wipf and Stock, and he also has authored many articles published in church periodicals.

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Dr. Christopher Macosko

Dr. Christopher Macosko is Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota. He has received many academic and professional awards including election to the National Academy of Engineering in 2000. With his students he has published over 500 journal papers, has 9 patents and has written 2 books, including the popular text: Rheology: Principles, Measurements, and Applications. He is the director of IPrime, the Industrial Partnership for Research in Interfacial and Materials Engineering at the University of Minnesota.

Professor Macosko is also known for his faith in Jesus Christ. He has spoken at many campuses both locally and internationally on Origin of Life. He served as Board Chairman for the MacLaurin Institute (now Anselm House), a Christian learning center at the U of M. He is a founder of the Christian Faculty Network at the U of M and is active at Stadium Village Church on the Campus where his wife Kathleen is pastor emeritus. He won the E.B. Nilson Award for Christian Leadership at Secular Universities in 1995 and the Aris Mentoring Award from U of M Christian Faculty in 2005.

He has taught a seminar for credit at the U of M called Life: By Chance or Design? This course was awarded a Science and Religion Course Program grant from the John Templeton Foundation in 2000. He testified in 2006 at the Minnesota House and Senate hearings recommending that the new science standards encourage biology teachers to teach the controversy in Darwinian evolution. He is currently campus advisor for Intervarsity and for Truth in Science and Engineering and leads a Bible study with students. He enjoys weekly Lectio Divina scripture reading and prayer with several other professors at the U.

US Administrative Support

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Kristy White

Currently Kristy is leading the home office for HPDZ in coordinating donations and publicity items. If you have questions regrading this ministry feel free to call 952-217-7603.

Kristy was formerly the Program Director for Global Horizons for 12 years and stayed in contact with the leadership of this great ministry team.